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Elliott Firearms Software -

A Complete ERP Gun Inventory Software for Firearm Distributors, Importers, and Manufacturers!

Wouldn't it be ideal to have an ERP solution that not only handles all aspects of your company's financial, inventory, sales fulfillment, purchase orders and production / manufacturing needs, but also conforms to BATF requirements for firearms tracking? With Elliott Firearms Software, you will get that complete solution.

The Elliott Firearms Software feature was developed on top of the award winning Elliott Business Software from NETcellent System, Inc. You will get a feature rich ERP / Financial application ideal for distributors, importers and manufacturers. With this powerful Gun Software Enhancement, your needs as a firearms distributor, importer and manufacturer are handled without any custom modifications. You can track the acquisitions and dispositions of your firearms in a matter of seconds using Elliott Gun Inventory Software.

Elliott Gun Software provides an Internal Bound Book which will track your acquisition and disposition of firearms real-time (automatically), which means you do not have to manually report the transactions. This makes it fast and seamless, which saves you time and effort. Elliott Firearms Software is a well known and respected solution in the firearms industry. Several major firearms distributors and importers have been using this solution since 1988.


Increase Productivity and
be BATF Compliant!

A Fully Integrated ERP / Gun Software
With Firearms Tracking Capabilities!

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Elliott Firearms Software Features:

Serial # Tracking Conforming to BATF
COD Handling with Customer Care
Tracking Federal Firearms License #
Centralized Credit Management
Conform to Local Firearm Legislation
Shipping Verification
Efficient Warehouse Management
Interface to Shipping Manifest
Ideal Mail Order Processing
E-mail Shipping Notification
Customer Wish List
Website Integration
Built-in CRM - Contact Management
Newly Received Item Inquiry
Powerful Purchase Order Process

Serial Number Tracking Conforms to BATF's Requirements

Stop manually updating your Bound Book! Let Elliott Firearms Software track serial numbers for you from receiving to sale entry. It is faster compared with using the traditional Bound Book. You will be able to search serial numbers and respond to BATF inquiries instantly.

Barcodes are supported throughout the Elliott Gun Software to make the tracking of serial numbers accurate and efficient.

Any employee can look up serial history in a matter of seconds for BATF inquiries. Imagine the savings of time and effort! In addition, Elliott can provide a printed report, which conforms to BATF requirements. Imagine saving all the effort of having to manually update Bound Books.

Tracking Federal Firearm License Number

With Elliott Gun Inventory Software, you can track the Federal Firearm License (FFL) Number and expiration date for each customer and ship-to record. FFL# and expiration date are used to determine if a customer can purchase a firearm from you. They are automatically recorded in sales history and ready for BATF inquiries.

Conform to Local Firearm Legislation

Recently legislation at the state level has made it increasingly difficult for distributors, importers and manufacturers to conform to various state regulations. Elliott Gun Inventory Software not only conforms to BATF regulations, it can also conform to all the current and future regulations at the state or local level.

For instance, handguns cannot be legally sold in the state of Massachusetts. In New York you can sell handguns, but only to a dealer with a valid license issued by the state. These types of state and local level tracking requirements can be easily handled with the Elliott Attribute function. Attributes are powerful, yet flexible enough to handle the current and future local firearms regulations.

Efficient Warehouse Management

Elliott offers a complete warehouse management solution. The barcode capability is supported throughout the Elliott application. Not only can you scan a barcode label everywhere in Elliott, the barcode printing function is also comprehensive. With Elliott, you can manage a highly efficient and productive warehouse.

Ideal Mail Order Processing (Sales Desk)

Elliott's Sales Desk feature is designed for companies who take phone orders and is ideal for firearm distributors. With Sales Desk, your salesperson can concentrate on selling to customers instead of working around software limitations. All information that is relevant to the salesperson can be easily accessible, which means the salesperson can be highly productive in answering the customer's questions on availability, pricing, and manage all aspects of the customer relationship.

Shipping Verification

Shipping a wrong firearm/serial number to your customer may mean a lot of headaches. You need Elliott's Shipping Verification to ensure your shipment is 100% accurate. Not only will this improve your accuracy, it will also speed up your verification process by eliminating your current manual check process.

Interface to Shipping Manifest

Elliott integrates with Starship Shipping Manifest Solution, a leading shipping manifest software package. Not only will it automatically generate shipping labels for your shipment, it will also update Elliott with the tracking number, shipment date, weight, charges, etc. This enables you to perform on-line tracking and optionally link to the UPS or FedEx web site directly when customers inquire about the shipping status. A manifest report is also provided to quickly identify potential shipping problems.

E-mail Shipping Notification

With Elliott, you can automatically email shipping notifications at the end of the day to your customers with the ship date, items, quantity, and tracking information.

Customer Wish List

When a customer inquires on an out of stock item, you may ask the customer if they want to be notified when you have the item in stock. With the press of a button, the wish list can be created. When the specific item is received, an automated e-mail can be sent to the customer, or to the salesman to follow up with the customer.

In the firearms industry, when a certain model is sold out, chances are all distributors are out of stock for the same item. A waiting list is quietly built before manufacturers start to produce that item again. When the manufacturer completes production of the item, all distributors with pending orders for that item will most likely receive it around the same time. If you are the first one to contact your customer, most likely you will be the one that gets the order. This is a competitive edge you need to be successful in this business. In addition, the Customer Wish List can help your buyer determine the proper quantity to purchase. You need Customer Wish List to increase your sales and inventory turnover ratio.

Built-in Contact Management / CRM Solution

The Elliott Business Software comes with a built-in Contact Management / CRM solution. This can greatly enhance your relationships with your customers. The Elliott CRM solutions include e-mail, follow-up, tracking of notes and conversations, Wish List and Shipping Email Notification, but there are many more. Most ERP applications do not come with an integrated CRM solution and you will need to make a major investment to have one that may or may not interface with your ERP. With Elliott, the CRM solution is integrated and bundled at no extra cost.

Powerful Purchase Order Process

Elliott offers buyers many tools to create purchase orders. Sales history information can be used to easily create purchase orders. However, past sales history alone does not give you the full picture. Your sales may be low for a highly demanded item because your stock level for that item was low. To give the buyer a better idea of the demand for an item, the inquiries and quotations (in sales desk) are stored in Elliott and can be retrieved along with the Customer Wish List as important data sources for purchasing. In addition, Elliott makes the purchase process easier by allowing information from a spreadsheet to be imported creating a purchase order.

Website Integration

Elliott Business Software comes with the necessary software components to integrate your websites with the Elliott backend data. Customers could check your real-time inventory, place an order on-line, check order and invoice history, as well as many other functions that can make you a successful distributor or importer. Visit to see an example of a website designed by NETcellent. Other websites that Netcellent has participated in the design and have the Elliott integration components include, and

Newly Received Item Inquiry

This feature will allow your sales force to inform your customers of all the items that were recently received into inventory.

COD Handling with Customer Care

Elliott has a well-designed COD handling feature. A common problem is applying a credit balance to the next COD shipment for a COD customer. With Elliott this can be achieved. The system has the intelligence to automatically apply the credit with the customer's next purchase and improve customer overall satisfaction.

Centralized Credit Management

Elliott offers a centralized approval process for releasing sales orders that have been put on hold because the customer exceeded their credit limit or the customer's account is past due. This is a valuable function for your credit manager.

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